Tuesday, 6 September 2011

what's with 00:00-03:00?

what's with 00:00-03:00am?

its often said, one must pray before mid-night & 00:00-03:00 is a peak hour of battles Good vs Evil. not much I remember from Sunday school but this I can say!

around 23:30-00:00 U can get the chills in your spine se the dogs all other animals make strange noises. those psychic claim to see all sort of stuff.

Some claim that around these times there r people capable "of outer body" roaming, and all sorts of activities hmmm!
They say one can be enslaved/used to perform deeds by the witch'doctor; to curse someone but needs someone to physically go to a place/person.
they take your spirit live your body or something like it. but if your spirit is caught?

So is your physical self. therefore the witches never are caught in the process.. ergo many witches attacked/ killed may've not been witches at all.

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