Friday, 9 September 2011

truths about Afrika

being an African, obviously makes me familiar with suffering, I was taught we r not capable of thinking, making big money, land & all belongs 2 great whities. Rè kasè humi botlhé etc. but even b4 age10 I refused to believe this nonsense. Sufferings U knw! it was created cleverly, even the way we think. to perpetuate the system without fail ie "mental slavery" so that U don't c a way out of this, a briliant illusion. the truth is! There is enough for all, it will take me a while to prove this but hard at work along with many like me globally. Afrika is the wealthiest continent. if not there'll b no European/ western empires that stil suck blood in Afrika, creating civil wars (divide & conquer!) is still the MOTO...

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