Saturday, 3 September 2011

xolile's demonic quest

strange how these paranormal/supernatural activities & occult organisations r so real and prevail. Yet we strive to cling tightly to perception of reality. Like kids we live In fairy tale world. no Leviathan, devils, demons, tikoloshe"zombie like, half human undead being" used in most African, Haiti, Asian. Africans a privy of these horrible realities maybe its the reason y so much religion in Africans, Latino, Asian..1 day Hollywood would tap into full realities of our scary world. but 1 has to have life long experience to understand this. Hard to explain in ordinary western understanding yet is in our African DNA(Cultural, religious, indigenous knowledge since pre-Egypt) ie. Simple Good vs Evil.

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  1. we all have felt something around that time but we chose to ignore it, i wonder why?